Released — Ep.13 N.O.W.

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Last one out: Minefield brings N.O.W. the ’13-part Series on Being’ to completion. It is a body of work now, for you to interpret and listen to, be reminded of, allow for inspirational flow, and maybe even experience a certain confrontational element.
Imperfection is here to stay. Beauty is everywhere.
Labels are words; they don’t define us. Being here NOW is not being anything or anywhere.
Feeling proud. Thanks for your support by coming to my shows, buying my album online everywhere and or streaming my music!

Released — Ep.10 Details Details

“Details Details” is yours now! Here’s to my quirky love song on personal boundaries, tuning into that intuitive frequency we often tend to lose touch with. We create our luck by focussing on manifesting it. When you know something isn’t right, you also know deep down that it’s going to surface sooner or later.
Written with IX, a friend I’ve seen develop as an artist and producer while always remaining that incredibly kind and talented star. I’m so proud of him and of our work together.

And I’ve got more news today! Announcing ALBUM NOW (Namelessly Objectifying Wonder) to be released 09.09.2022 !!!!

Released — Ep.9 One Of The Boys

“One of the boys” talks about attachment, while it also celebrates fluidity through movement.
Moving as one organism, becoming one FLESH and the importance of flowing harmoniously with our feminine and masculine expressions. Basically, if we allow ourselves to feel, and to let those feelings flow and keep moving, we evolve. Physically, Mentally, Spiritually ☯

All my love,

Released — Ep.8 All About You

ALL ABOUT YOU is a passionate tune about feeling hopeful while also feeling miserable about not being loved in return. Often we just focus on the feeling of the high, and how it messes with our minds. The thing is, real love won’t mess with any part of your being.
“There’s a delicate yet powerful energy of emotions, where I feel the final synth solo leaves a lot of space to interpret how the story evolves”.

MUSCLE | The film represents the muscle memory of the heart, how it reproduces, mechanically the same patterns inherited from our elders. Through freedom & movement, we flex these muscles and overwrite these patterns to create new, conscious ones!

Released — Ep.7 TV

My father plays the protagonist role in this film and song; it’s how I can help you see what I see.

This is a true story about how a device like a television can be a person’s prime companion, and how our relationship with it can have the power to deflect our minds and hearts from the present moment, the now.

Like in Cinema, Henry Mancini inspired the intro, for me and for Marnix, who took on the gentle sound on this production. We love the honesty this story of TV emits. I also liked the idea of elevating the verses, and keeping the chorus like an understated lullaby.

TV by Kris Berry
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TV by Kris Berry
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Mind in my hat Kris Berry
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Kind of love Kris Berry
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Right here right now by Kris Berry
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Back to Shore by Kris Berry
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Superpower by Kris Berry
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First Time by Kris Berry
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The album N.O.W. unfolding

I named my latest work, this body of music and artistic expression “N.O.W.” because it wasn’t ever meant to become anything, rather than to just ‘be’. To be present. Releasing judgement, perception, angles, pigeon holes, noise; just going through all the thoughts and feelings, creating space to marvel at the seemingly little things while embracing the beauty of nothingness. Nothing is everything according to N.O.W. You’re here, and you’re welcome!

N.O.W. stands for Namelessly Objectifying Wonder.

Each episode (publishing more in this new year) embodies one element on ‘being’. The elements connected to the compositions so far have been:

Matter, Soul, Spirit, Blood, Freedom, Fuel, Heart, Muscle and now Flesh .

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