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By Liz van den Akker


  • 13 september 2021
  • 1 min

Will be doing some general writing here from now on and I’m excited for it ツ

Clubshows are over for now. What a fun ride with incredibly talented and kind musicians. Come to think of it, my FOH (Front Of House] sound guy – our all-round sound engineer Sonne- had said to me during one of our sleepovers in the Northern part of the country how much he was enjoying the band and reiterated how I managed to surround myself with ‘good people’. That to me feels like a ‘band compliment’ and also confirms my belief in making an effort to cultivate a little community; what a gift, and also, no one likes being on the road with displeased folks. Played the following Sunday with my friends again; happy we get to do this together and look forward to singing more songs for you this spring and summer!

Get your tickets if you haven’t yet !